Big thanks to artist  Ruheng Wang  for the portrait of  Ivan  and me from our recent performance at Garden 91.

Big thanks to artist Ruheng Wang for the portrait of Ivan and me from our recent performance at Garden 91.

Unforgettable evening! Thank you The Thermos Foundation for inviting and hosting us🤗


A truly unforgettable evening, where Ivan and I were invited to perform a set of Japanese folk tunes, Taiwanese folk tunes, some Kreisler short pieces and Tchaikovsky Op. 42. Garden 91 sits on top of  the yang-ming mountain in Taipei city. It is a museum where the founder Mr.Lin's private sculpture/painting collection are being displayed. I arrived the place just in time to catch the last bit of sunset: It was breathtakingly beautiful, and it definitely set me in the mood of this event.   

Being surrounded by beautiful view and countless art works is a blast, but what made us fall in love with Garden 91 was the people who work there: the warm hospitality and friendliness made the entire evening even more magical, and we are forever grateful for this experience.