Dr. Huang has served as a teaching assistant at the Walnut Hill Summer Music Festival held by the Chinese Performing Arts Foundation since 2006. She has also had the privilege to work as James Buswell's teaching assistant at NEC, where she worked with undergraduate violinists. Wishing to share her immense depth of scholarly knowledge, she also worked as a teaching assistant in both the music history and music theory departments at NEC.

Dr. Huang currently maintains a private studio in Boston, with students ranging from six years old to adults. She also serves as the violin faculty at the New England Conservatory School of Continuing Education and preparatory school.

Teaching Philosophy 

1. I encourage my students to be not only good violinists but also good musicians:
Focus on learning the character of the piece, including the genre, the composer, the aesthetic preference of the time, and the Art movement of the period; as a result, finding the appropriate sound for the piece.

2.  Good posture:
Good posture goes a long way. I learned from the Ivan Galamian school of violin playing (Franco-Belgium bow hold), which emphasizes the active role of right hand fingers and the importance of feeling the arm weight, a healthy sound by pulling the string, thus creating the most resonance in the sound. That being said, I am also open to other violin schools of playing; my ultimate goal is to find the most natural way to draw a beautiful healthy sound for the students.

3. Forming good practicing habits:
In this age of speed and technology, I think practicing the violin is a great way to train our brains to undergo more long-term thinking processes similar to reading. However, as “time is money”, we all need to learn to be efficient when spending time in our practice rooms. I will help my student with practicing strategies that will always start from the very basics: scales and arpeggios.  

4. The importance of Basics:
I strongly recommend all my students to start their practicing session with scales and arpeggios,
and I also will stress the importance of playing Etudes.

5. Healthy mindset:
My students will not necessarily be expected to be competition winners or get into top conservatories. However, I am confident that after a few months of playing, they will discover the art of practicing and find the violin to be a wonderful medium to express their emotions and be fascinated by the music.

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