Flip the page we go


Secret talent of mine: turning pages for the orchestra/pianist! Come to think of it, page-turning is quite a stressful job, since there are possibly a billion things that could go wrong during the performance: strong wind coming from weird angles, sticky pages, those library copies that are falling apart, orchestral cuts, not to mention the shadow on the stand. Turning pages requires some piano score reading skill and fast muscle reflexes-and of course a page turner can never show their nervousness.

I like turning pages, and I was lucky enough to have turned pages for many great pianists in different venue: for me personally it is such a great way to learn music from a rather peculiar perspective. Somehow listening to the music this way makes me more active as a listener and I tend to become more aware of the relationship among different instruments. And of course I do slightly enjoy the power in my hands, after all the pianist play whatever I do in front of their stands....😎